Hearty Boys Brunch in East Lakeview

Brian Ziegler

June 01 2009 - 12:38 AM

I've written before that east Lakeview seems to have a dearth of really good brunch places.   The closest I have found, so far, is Nookies, which as a diner is not saying much.   There are some "popular" brunch places in the neighborhood, though I've not managed to really find out what gives these places broad appeal.

I think I've found my calling in Hearty Boys, though.  I'm a big fan of HB Home Bistro, though I unfortunately missed my chance to eat at the old Hearty Boys.   Currently most of their energy is spent on hosting team building exercises in the kitchen, as well as catering and even taking a course on hosting a cooking show.   Thankfully they have, since February, been hosting brunch.  Unfortunately I waited until now to discover it.

Their menu features, as all brunch places should, a mixture of sweet and savory items.  Some of the items featured included peaches and cream French toast sticks with lavender sugar as well as maple couscous with honey, berries, and lemon zest.

I was in more of a savory mood, so I tried a Greek lamb burger, delicious with its lamb gamey-ness, topped with red onion "jam", feta, and garlic aioli off to the side    It was served on a rosemary foccacia bun (complete with sprig of fresh rosemary) and accompanied by polenta fries which were crispy and quickly devoured with the aioli.

My wife had Breakfast Shepherd's Pie, stuffed with scrambled eggs, topped with sage breakfast sausage, hash browns, a biscuit with strawberry butter, as well as "country" gravy, which I commonly refer to as chicken gravy.

The lone negative I had was with a Bloody Mary "flight".  The regular Bloody Mary I ordered was good, the beef broth Bloody Mary was interesting, but the clamato Bloody Mary was profoundly disappointing.

Though it's too early to tell, it looks like I've found my brunch spot for now, and I definitely plan on being back.

Hearty Boys
3819 N. Broadway