Mike Ditka's: River North Comfort Food

Brian Ziegler

May 01 2008 - 9:39 AM

Being from Wisconsin and also being loyal to the the state’s professional football team, I found it a bit uneasy stepping inside Mike Ditka’s restaurant.  However, it was tempting given the rave reviews we have heard about the place.

For starters the tables were spread out and the place was
surprisingly roomy.  We decided to not to eat at the bar, and the decor
reminded me of a place where my grandparents would eat. I felt either
underage or under-dressed.   As you would expect, the place has tons of
Mike Ditka’s personal memorabilia, as well as lots of Chicago Bears

I was put at ease by the menu, however.  I don’t consider me to be
much of a steak person, but I gravitated instantly toward the pot
roast, which I have not had since growing up.  And, oh, was it good;
the meat was very tender, and was mixed with corn, peas, mashed
potatoes, and "Bourbon maple glaze".   At $15 on the lunch menu it is
good value for money.  (The entree goes up to $19 for dinner, though
I’m not sure if the portion size increases as well.)  Service was
friendly, with our waiter saying it was "Grandma Ditka’s recipe". I’m
guessing he was joking, but you never know….

Mike Ditka’s
100 East Chestnut